fredag den 4. januar 2013

Learning how to cook Indian food

Learning how to cook Indian food has been a journey for me, in the beginning I thought it looked very confusing with all the different spices that have to go in the oil at different timings to fry them.
To be honest it took me a while to get over the "fear" of mixing up all of these spices.

But after being lucky enough to look a friends mother in law over the shoulder for a few days and getting some recopies written down in a book so I could experiment myself it helped a lot. It also helps that the better half of mine encourages me to cook food and asks me to cook different things, because I tend to take this is a challenge and get a bit competitive along with wanting to do a good job.

A lot of the food I cook is inspired by south of India and especially Andhra Pradesh but I also do cook a north Indian things, and foods from that I would cook home in Denmark.
In Denmark we use a lot of beef and pork meat, but since that is not easily available here I normally use mutton(goat meat) or chicken meat.

Some of the things I have learned to cook is.
Chicken fry
Aloo gobi curry
Chicken curry
Aloo drumstick curry

I will try and put some of the recopies on the blog with time.

/ Amalie

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